Monday, June 27, 2011

Blog About Your Dog Monday - June 27th, 2011

Today is the is Monday and that's the day to share some of my pet pictures!  I hope you enjoy looking at my silly dogs.

This is Tsukiko after she fell asleep with a ball in her mouth.  So cute!

This is Chanceux shaking off after taking a swim in the dog park pond.  <3
Both of my dogs are Plott Hounds and were rescued from local Humane Societies here in Colorado (Longmont and Boulder to be specific).  Tsukiko (the girl) is 2 and Chanceux (the boy) is 3 and they're best friends! 


  1. They are adorable! We used to have a dog we rescued from the streets, she was part chow and part some other breed (can't remember now). She was taller than a chow with short fur and she had a purple tongue. I loved having her around because she always made me feel safe when I was home alone late at night. However...we gave her to some friends because our place was so small and at the time, there were 5 adults, 2 children, 2 cats & 1 dog living in a 2 bedroom apartment. Just too much. I love rescue animals and yours are just too cute!

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  2. Beautiful dogs! Love their names too :)

  3. Very cute pics. I'd love you to follow me back.

  4. They're beauties and that's from a cat person! I have tabby twins, Boris and Natasha and they're eleven. Thanks for stopping by and come back around and share a secret with me:

  5. Everyone thinks Tsukiko is a puppy black lab, but she's actually a full-grown plott hound.


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