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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Disappearing Posts and Comments?

So, recently I've had some disappearing comments and even a whole post of mine disappeared as well.  Has anyone had this happen too?  Thankfully most of my Illusions post was saved as a draft, but I had to rewrite the end of it and I lost all my comments.  I also lost comments on my most recent Blog About Your Dog post as well.  It's made me hesitant to blog lately, but I think whatever problems were happening are probably resolved by now.  What's done is done and I'm bummed it happened, but I can only hope it doesn't happen again!  Please repost your comments if they're missing or leave me a new one to help me get over this terrible loss!  Lol thanks.  :)


  1. Blogger the last few days was undergoing a heavy maintenance and they knew many of the most recent posts/commenets would dissapear. They are working hard to get everything back to normal.

    I wouldn't worry about it happening again, I have been here many months and this is the biggest problem that blogger has had. They were fast to keep everyone updated through the support forum and have worked really hard to get everything back. :)

  2. Blogger was down on Thursday, so if you posted anything on that day, then it was removed (happened to me). I haven't had any comments disappear, but I've heard it's happened to other people too.

  3. Well, I hope it is all better now and we can trust our posts to stick around!

  4. I had all the same problems, you're not alone! Most of the meat of my new blog was GONE. Design changes, static pages, gadgets, posts, and comments were gone :(. Very sad. Some has come back, I've added back some... but I'm still missing comments. Hopefully they will magically reappear. Are you doing an IMM post this week? I've been keeping my eye out for it ;).
    ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte

  5. Yeah, blogger was having some problems and some of my posts and comments have disappeared too. Sorry that it bummed you out. Everybody feels the same :-)

  6. Yeah I lost comments on a post as well! I'm glad it didn't erase any actual posts!


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