Tuesday, May 31, 2011

GFC Not Working!

Has anyone else had any problems with GFC (Google Friend Connect) lately?  Mine isn't showing up, but I checked on some other blogs and they were up and working.  Perhaps there have been waves of errors rolling throughout the blogosphere.  It's certainly a super-bummer and I hate when anything is having functionality issues.  So if you just stumbled upon my blog and you can't follow me now, please be a dear and bookmark me to add me later!  Thanks and hopefully Google gets these issues under control soon, because it is so annoying.  Share your stories of annoyance with me if you have some frustrations too!   


  1. It's been not working for a few people lately. But people can still follow you if they click the "Follow" button on the top toolbar!

  2. It's been having issues. It will show up and then disappear. Mine was gone almost all of last week. It's finally back. Not sure how long it will last, though.

  3. Ok now I feel dumb. I never noticed the follow on the top toolbar. Good to know though!

    I've been having problems with following and commenting. Sometimes it will let me comment but mostly I haven't been able to. Blogger sure is having a bad month!

  4. A couple of blogs, mines included had this issue last Friday but mines is back up now so yours will probably be back up soon.

  5. Well at least I'm not the only one! Stupid Blogger is annoying me with these errors!

  6. I just got rid of my problem. A friend said that when she signed out and signed in again without asking Blogger to remember you, it was working again. Try that! It worked for me!

    inga from http://www.ingasilbergbooks.com/

  7. Thanks Inga! :) I'm going to try that now.

  8. I'm sorry to hear that.
    Hopefully Blogger fixes its problems little sooner.


  9. Yea my follower list just showed up again yesterday. But who knows how long I will see it! I see you are from Denver... I am in Colorado Springs!!


    XOXO Angela's Anxious Life

  10. It's definitely having issues. Mine was screwed up all weekend and it's back now. Hang in there!

  11. Okay, my GFC is possessed. Sometimes it works fine and other times it doesn't. Keep smiling.


  12. Hi, Sandra!

    I'm a pretty new follower.

    Yes, I had some problems with the GFC widget, too, over the weekend. Also, I couldn't sign in and out of my blog!

    Anytime you have a problem with the Blogger software, just go to the "Help" link, located at the top of your screen. It will take you to a page where you can do a search. Type in "my followers aren't showing up on my blog", or "can't see my followers", and click "Search". A whole page of posted questions will come up. You might find an answer by cligking on a link from that list, or you might want to post your own question, in which case you will have to give some information, such as your blog's URL, your location, and what browser the problem is happening on.

    A Google tech might answer, or perhaps another Google member who has a great suggestion.

    You can also submit your problem at this link:


    I submitted both of the problems I was having --1.)my followers weren't showing up on my blog, and also weren't showing up in my dashboard, and 2.) I couldn't sign in and out of my blog, at the link above, as well as through the Help page.

    BTW, when my followers weren't showing up, I went to other blogs and discovered that they were having the same problem. I tried two different browsers, too -- IE 8 and Firefox 34.01, and the same thing was happening on both browsers.

    Everything is now fixed, thank God! So try out the link I gave you, and go to the help page. I hope your problem is fixed soon! : )

  13. Mine wasn't working over the weekend but it's up and running now.
    I think they had a glitch but they are aware of it.

  14. Yeah, mine is finally back up today. :)

  15. Mine isn't working either (been a few days) and yours is blank just like mine is on my site....Grrrrrrr. so annoying that it is not working! I am going to get rid of it, if this problem persists!

  16. Mine isn't working now too! www.theoptimisticbeauty.com Hopefully its back up and running soon!


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