Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog About Your Dog Monday!

I think this a great idea and I had been planning on posting about my dogs sometime anyway so I will start with the dog we got first and he just turned three a little while ago!  His name is Chanceux (French for "lucky") and he was abandoned as a puppy with all his brother and sister pups in a box up in the mountains here in Colorado, in the middle of winter, near the side of a road!  (0.0;)  Thankfully the box was spotted quickly and, as far as I know, all the dogs survived.  Most were adopted from a shelter near where they were found in Montrose, Colorado, but Chanceux and his sister hadn't been adopted after a few weeks, so they were sent to Boulder, Colorado to try and find their forever home from The Humane Society of Boulder Valley which they swiftly did!  The girl had already been adopted by the time we got there and we just barely turned in the card in time to adopt Chanceux, it was close to Christmas and many people were eager to get a puppy for their family, so that was how we came up with the name Chanceux.  He was lucky to survive, we were lucky to find him (via the internet first and thanks to their great photos and updated information) and he was lucky we adopted him too, because not everyone is as generous with their pets as we are!

Chanceux - 3 Months Old
Chanceux - 3 Years Old
Our second dog was already eight months old when we adopted her from the Longmont Humane Society and she had been relinquished by her first owners for being vicious and dangerous and she was extremely malnourished and didn't seem to understand many things like singing, TVs, stairs and the only command she knew was, "sit," but after completing the Bite Program at Longmont Humane Society they determined she was safe to adopt out, but they had to warn us about her.  I suspect the people who first adopted her never had a dog before and had no idea how to raise or treat one, because she has learned a lot in the time we've had her (she is so proud of herself after she completes a round of fetch now) and she is the sweetest, most cuddly dog I've ever had the privilege of knowing and we love her to bits!  We named her Tsukiko which is Japanese for, "moon child." because she is as dark as a night sky and her eyes are huge saucers, as big as the moon!  :)

Tsukiko - 8 Months Old
Tsukiko - 2 Years Old
Oh and that is a picture of her playing, "The Blanket Game," which I taught to Chanceux when he was a puppy to protect my delicate fingers from his razor-sharp puppy teeth and he in turn taught it to Tsukiko and they always want to play it now so they play by themselves with a blanket that used to be the couch blanket, but is now a dog-toy haha.  We just tuck it in tightly enough and they don't need our help to play anymore, so that's nice for us too and it's really cute to watch as well.  Snorting and rolling puppies chewing each other gently through a blanket is more entertaining than most shows on TV!

As for the languages we chose for the names, I am part-French and my husband is half-Japanese and we love the sounds from both of those languages.  :)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed "meeting" my Plott Hound puppies for the first time and I will post more adorable pictures of them next Monday!  Ttyl.  (^_^)


  1. Awww I love your dogs and the names are so unique and cool!!!! So why did you name your second dog with a japanese name, if that's not too forward of me to ask, cuz I notice that you use Sakura in your name as well!!! Sorry just caught my eye dosen't Sakura mean Cherry Blossom!!! I have always loved cultural linguistic anthropology!!!!

  2. LOVE it! I blog about my dogs (& cats) every Sunday. Your guys are adorable - they are very lucky dogs!

  3. Nick - My husband is half-Japanese and I've always loved that language as well. I've had several friends from Japan and I've learned many phrases in that language. And then Sakura is in my name, because I've always loved that flower and that was also my theme for my wedding. :)

    And thanks Karen! :)

  4. That is sooo cool I love to have friends who are enriched in other cultures!!!! It makes us more well-rounded!!!!

  5. oh my gosh! SO CUTE! love both of them, and awesome names!

    thanks for stopping by my post! =]

  6. Aaw, your puppies are adorable! My husband and I adopted a 5-6 yr old Shiba Inu a few years ago. We were told he may have been used as a breeding dog. He was scared of leashes and practically every noise (still is afraid of some noises), he didn't know how to go up steps, or play fetch. He's come a long way though. He's such a laid back dog (most of the time)...a perfect fit for us!

    I posted a couple pics of him in my first 'about me' post.

  7. If I had puppies I would blog about them too! But I don't...yet! My husband and I really want one, but need to wait to move to a place that will allow them.

    I love the names too. They are very unique :)

  8. Oh my goodness they are so cute! I love people who love dogs and other animals. :)
    Their names are really unique and great! I have a baby girl puppy... next monday she'll be 6 months old! Her name is Yuki :)

    Your blog is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by and I hope we'll see each other more

  9. Thanks so much Niecole. I have a friend named Yuki and I've always thought that was a beautiful name as well. I think it means snow right? :)

    Thanks about my blog as well! I just picked colors and such that appealed to me, but it's always nice to hear it appeals to others as well!

  10. stopping over from the blog hop. Your dogs are so cute. We have a french bulldog that is truly my sons best friend. Great blog I love my Nook app on my iPad!

  11. Thanks Serendipity! I love your blog name. :)


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