Friday, March 11, 2011

Follow Friday/Book Hop (March 11th, 2011)

Today's question:  Who are you?  The boy/girl instead of the blogger...
My answer:  I am a city-girl who likes horses and nature.  I'm a health-conscious girl who drinks Cherry Coke.  I'm an optimist and a cynic at times.  I am a series of contradictions mostly.  (^_^)  I'm a dyslexic who loves reading and writing, even if it's hard to keep the letters in order haha!  I'm also a girl with a headache, but I'm not going to take any medicine for it, because my husband and I are TTC (trying to conceive) and I hope my headache goes away on its own and doesn't turn into a full-blown migraine.

Book Blogger Hop

Today's question:  If I gave you £50 ($80) and sent you to the bookshop right now, what would be in your basket when you finally staggered to the till?
My answer:  Well, spending money on books is always hard for me, because I always have so many more options than what I can afford (147 on my wishlist right now) and I tend to spend hours reading samples and mulling over my choices.  However, I will do my best to spend my imaginary money quickly.  :)

I would definitely preorder Wither right now since I still haven't done that.  This was my Waiting for Wednesday option I already talked about it more right here as well.  This book costs $9.99 so I would have around $70.00 left afterward to buy...
This book called, Bloodthirsty, is an fun twist on a cliché and I keep meaning to buy it sometime.  What if a boy decided to use his pale skin, sun allergy and innate strangeness to his benefit?  This book explores that possibility when a boy pretends to be a vampire to get girls in his new school.  I read that it was really funny too and I always enjoy a good laugh, so it costs $8.99 and that would leave me with around $60 pretend dollars left.
Kissed by an Angel has been on my wishlist forever now and a lot of my fellow bloggers seem to be reading the latest one now and that cover is just stunning.  I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but a beautiful cover always pulls me in to give the writing a chance.  I've also heard good things about this too, so I keep meaning to read it.  This book is only $7.99 on the Nook, so I would have $51.00 or so left (my estimates have been including tax too).
I keep considering Girl in Translation, but I always shy away from the $12.99 price tag, since I usually don't spend more than $10.00 on a book (unless it's an anthology or collection).  However, this book looks great and my money that I am spending is imaginary so I will just buy it!  Haha!  It's about a young girl who immigrates from Hong Kong to Brooklyn and spends most of her free time working in a sweatshop hidden in Chinatown.  I've heard a lot of great reviews for this book and as I already said, a beautiful cover always pulls me in and this cover is gorgeous.  I love the color (it's almost the same as my bedroom walls, speaking of getting to know me the girl instead of me the blogger).   This book leaves me with about $37 left still overestimating for tax.
Nothing, by Janne Teller has been passionately recommended to me by one of my reading friends and I think the concept sounds intriguing.  This book is called a Lord of the Flies for the twenty-first century and that's definitely a rave review in itself.  This book costs $13.99 and with my imaginary money quickly running out I have to make my last two choices with just $23.00 left.
I am always in the mood for a good fantasy and The Faerie Path looks like it might be one.  It's also part of a series with even more beautiful covers to come.  Gah, I am clearly a sucker for good artwork!  However, I do read samples before buying, so it's not just the outside that has to pull me in.  The story, the writing, the characters or the setting have to really speak to me within the short sample and if not, I usually won't give it a chance.  So, I am not really sure about any of these books, because I have not read any samples, but this is imaginary money, so I don't have to spend all that time reading before spending it lol.  This book is $8.99 and I am down to $14.00-ish for my last choice.
Torn a.k.a. Wired (these books apparently had their titles changed recently or something) is the third of the Gripping Trilogy and I just started the second one.  I've already reviewed the first one here and I loved it.  It's a dystopian which, as many of you know already, is one of my very favorite genres and it involves a girl who nearly dies only to be saved and wired into a robotic body.  So, she'll live indefinitely, but she's not sure she wants to, because her new life is nothing like her old life and many of her friends, family and even her boyfriend start to fade away, no longer interested in the strange thing she has become.  I love the writing in these books, the concept, the characters and the emotions so much.  I highly recommend this series to anyone and I would love to spend the last of my fake money on this book for $9.99.


  1. Wow, great list with alot of interesting reads. Alot of thought put into your list too! I saw a couple I'm adding to my to-read list for the future. Have a good weekend!

  2. I really like how you broke your Blog Hop answer down. It looks like you put a lot of thought into it.

  3. Following you back, Sakura! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. :) I definitely recommend Wither-- it's such a beautiful and potent read, and I couldn't put it down for a moment! Anyway, love your blog and your little fish swimming around the header. :) Have a great weekend!

  4. I love your list of books! I'm currently trying to hunt down a copy of Wither! Here's my hop:
    happy reading!

  5. Oh, you'll love Bloodthirsty! It's very funny, especially for readers who are familiar with Twilight and other popular vamp stories. :-)

  6. Thanks everyone, I put a lot of time into it, because I have a feeling I will be buying a lot of these and reviewing them soon, so I thought I might as well get a jump-start on gathering the images and such.

    Willow - Haha, good to see there are some other Cherry Coke fans out there. I love that stupid soda, even though I know it's terrible for me!

  7. Hmmmm.... I love coke! Not so much cherry coke, but I can't really drink coke either because my body doesn't handle caffeine well. I feel like I should say "nice to meet you." These incites into you as a person was nice.

  8. Hi,

    Just found you through Follow Friday, and now following, too! I really like your blog - looking forward to reading through your posts :)

    Feel free to stop by my blog in your spare time,

    take care & happy blogging,
    Ms C

  9. Hi Sandra! Thanks for dropping by my blog and for following. I've returned the favor. I thought your book selection is awesome, and Cherry Coke is amazing. Good luck on the TTC, I hope that happens soon!

    Have a great weekend!

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  10. Thanks for hopping by my blog! Yay for Cherry Coke! I'm addicted to that stuff even though it's bad for my teeth. Good luck with the TTC :) I actually just recently got Bloodthirsty from the library, and I'm excited to get a start on it. I so want Wither!

  11. Wow! You even did mental calculations! Didn't do that myself.

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower
    Jessica@a GREAT read

  12. Hopping through. I loved Girl in Translation and Wither was a good book too.
    My Hop

  13. Aw, I hope your headache goes away by itself, Sandra! I hate taking medicines for anything, I only take it when it's something really really bad LOL

    Wither and Bloodthirsty are on my wishlist too! And I think the first one on the Gripping Trilogy is as well--not sure, though, because of the titles, why did they change?

    I have never read about The Faerie Path, but now I'm going to take a look on it LOL And I Kissed by an Angel, but just the first part. It's a cute book--but I couldn't stand it because of personal motivations :)

    Murphy's Library

  14. Thanks for stopping by, hon - more than happy to be your newest follower. I must say, the cover for Torn is absolutely gorgeous . . . I may need to check that series out.

    Sally @ Bibrary Bookslut

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Bloodthirsty looks good, hadn't seen it before, will take a closer look. thanks. :D

  16. I have a hard time spending more than $10 on a book. I love the $9.99 sale sticker.

  17. Thanks everyone!

    Jessica - I always do mental calculations because I buy several books on my NC every month and B&N has wonky charges sometimes, like they show up late or they disappear for a few days before showing up again, so I keep a running total in my mind every month to make sure I don't overspend.

    Maeva - It didn't go away, it turned into a migraine, but I still didn't take anything, because I don't know of anything that's safe when TTC, I think I can go to the hospital and get a shot, but I figured the bright lights would hurt me more than anything and I couldn't imagine going anywhere. I am almost back to normal now though, just a slight headache remains. Stupid migraines are the worst.

  18. Hi Sakura

    I like your choice of books there's a lot of them I would like to buy and read too.

    I'm a new follower^^


  19. Hello Sandra; you seem to have great taste in cover art, and a talent for summarization. I'm glad we chose to follow each other. Well, it looks like you have some wonderful books lined up; Happy hunting.


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