Monday, March 21, 2011

I Am a Winner of Little Princes!

I usually don't win things, but luck was on my side recently and I was one of five randomly chosen winners to receive Little Princes!  I just got it in the mail and I am now the proud owner of this book about a man who goes to Nepal to volunteer at an orphanage and comes to find out that most of the children there aren't even orphans.  They've mostly been kidnapped after their parents paid huge sums to get their children out of their war-torn country and somewhere safe.  Instead of getting out of there, the children have been abandoned at an orphanage in one of the biggest cities in Nepal.  The young man from America decides to take on one of the biggest challenges of his life to reunite these children with their parents.  I'm so glad I was a winner and I would like to thank Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews for hosting this giveaway and even taking the time to send me another email when I was about to reach my time limit before she picked someone else (reminder to everyone out there to check your email more frequently if you participate in giveaways lol) and I'd also like to thank Harper Collins for this giveaway as well!  *hugs for everyone!*  Of course I will review this when I read it too.  :)  I already started looking through it and the center of the book stores a collection of amazing photographs as well so I have a feel for the atmosphere already without having read a single word inside yet and I'm excited to find out the full story!   Anyway, ttyl everyone!

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